0.6.4: More Content!


• 4 new maps just the south of player house 
• 3 maps to the Bad/Neutral route 
• Remember the Seran's north building? It's completed 
• 5 new items and 1 new armour (ULTIMATE ARMOUR) 


• You can visit the Ice Dungeon at the start as Bad/Neutral path 
• When you exit from the Lighthouse and King's Castle, your ship always dock in the nearest land, this prevents accidental stuck situations 
• Player House World Map icon has changed 


• Fixed Missing BGMs for the Night Crimson fight and Arena Refights. 
• (For Bad/Neutral post-game) King's Castle no longer reachable without gathering all your party. 
• Fixed some grammar errors at the intro. 
• Fixed an issue with Bad Route crash. Because of the music file's name was wrong 
• Fixed an issue with Bad Route's ending that teleports you to Neutral Ending... wow 


• Dead Spot 50 TP (was 75) 
• Triple Punch now costs 25 TP (was 50) 
• Healing Bomb 2 now heals for 1.5k (was 1k) 
• Healing Breeze 1 heals for 750 (was 300) 
• Healing Breeze 2 heals for 1.5k (was 600) 
• Healing Breeze 3 heals for 3k (was 2k) 
• Healing Spirit now costs 60 TP (was 75) 
• Flaming Sword skills on Duran now costs 6% Less Mp 
• Nuke now deals 15k damage (was 3k...) 
• Anti-State skills are now AOE and costs 30MP (was 15) 
• HP Regen X now costs 10 TP (was 50) and stays for 5 turns, that means it can restore all your party's HP to Max... slowly 


• Post-game content for Underground Ice dungeon 
• Post-game content for Qual's Village dungeon 
• Spoiler themed dungeon just left side of player house 

Also, check out the Shattered Hourglass's Reddit Page and join me! You can always leave feedback there too! 



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Feb 11, 2018

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