0.5.4 Portraits


• All characters even NPCs now have portraits now. Created about 150+ NPC Faces 
• You can now go to Cloud Cafe if you're in Bad/Neutral post-game 
• Added new NPCs to some areas, like Trin Island 


• Most shopping NPCs now have characteristic features and more dialogues 
• Some overworld map sprites are changed 
• Toned down some swear words, they were... inappropriate 
• Fixed a 5 years old typo in miner's fate event 
• Dark Spear now has the correct animation 


• Juliet's Booster skills and Treephop's Anapanasati skills got buffed 
• Duran now starts with a "Self Cure" spell, only works in battle 
• Treephop now starts with "Risky Punch" and "Wind Punch" 
• "Shadow Kick" now deals 2 times damage 
• Juliet now starts with "Health Giver" 
• Mio's "Enhance Spell" now allows triple cast 
• Hiban's "Focus" now allows double cast 


• Fixed crash in the spoiler side quest's cutscene 
• Fixed an issue with the invisible fountain... on the post good ending 

Also check out the Shattered Hourglass's Reddit Page and join me! You can always leave feedback there too! 



Shattered Hourglass Postgame 0.5.4.exe 238 MB
Nov 09, 2017

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