0.6.2 Update


• 1 new map near of Seran
• 2 new maps for the underground Lumberjack Camp
• 14 new maps for the Bad/Neutral ending (everything is now fully explorable)
• 1 new temporary ally
• 3 new items
• 1 new boss (level 15/20+ recommended for that one, pretty easy if you have some magic power.)


• "Scrolls" inventory tab renamed as "Gadgets", now all of your books and teleport items will be stored in here. (No more scrolling through Key Items)
• Better Button Tutorial menu and you’ll start with the game with "Button Tutorial Book" in case you forget the buttons
• Postgame content is now called Chapter IV
• Spirit Urn and Onigiri are no longer Key Items, they are in Consumables
• Piano background screen has changed, no more ninjas?!
• Password chests always remind you to use "lowercase" now
• Librarian now registers into bestiary correctly
• Lulu’s door is now double sized

• Treephop’s Wind Punch, Thunder Punch, Blizzard Punch now costs 15 TP (was 10TP)
• Treephop’s Exorcism Punch, Shadow Kick, Tackle and Dead Spot deals more damage.


• Veteran Wolf now got a new Tutorial skill and it hurts
• First encounter with Zulwhern: His HP got buffed due Treephop’s early Wind Punch skill’s damage is very high
• Hiban now joins the Zulwhern fight so much earlier
• Zulwhern now has some new tricks… to make the battle more annoying
• Sion got 2 new skills and they hit a bit harder
• Oni also got some new skills
• Snowy Man’s default skill now Debuffs your AGI
• Conjurer’s monsters have changed, in sprite wise
• Chaos Bringer’s sprite has changed too. Also, his passive HP regen is a bit higher now


• You can use Gold Powder once again (thanks to dnel57 for pointing that out)

Also, check out the Shattered Hourglass’s Reddit Page and join me! You can always leave feedback there too!



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Jan 31, 2018

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