0.4.5 Update

Thanks to my university I can barely touch the surface of my game, but I still have some free time to change and add things! One of my goal was making a Hunting Board on the chapter III. Today it's finished and very different compared to chapter II's Hunting Board. HEHE >:D 

Let's get into patch notes: 


• 4 new Hunting Missions, you can get them from Tidender. Level 30+ recommended!!! They are kinda tricky ;) 
• Finished Aquana town. Added 7 maps related to Aquana Town and 2 more Silver Token usage 
• 5 new weapons and 12 new Armors 
• 3 Gamejolt achievements 
• A new Riddle box to Tidender! Try to solve it! 
• Added Golden Clam monster just south of Aquana for making easy gold (it drops Pearls!) 


• Added a new switch when taking the Checkpoint Pass key item, this disables your Teleporting items until you leave that place this prevents breaking the game 
• Fixed many dialogues on 5+ 'spoiler' karma event, also changed some sprites for that event! EYE CANDY! 
• Players no longer lose their scrolls when going to Balandor 
• Chronix Armor shop now sells Light and Heavy hats 
• Tidender Armor shop got new Fur armors and Weapon shop sells a new Spiked Shield 
• Sealight Bloom now costs 10k, it was 30k 
• Leather Paw's MAT is now 90, it was 80 
• Skull Charm now got 20 MAT, it was 0 
• Music: The Will, Mephisto and Inn theme got changed 
• Riddle I, II, III, IV songs and their song items got deleted; they are replaced with Stimulant M, L, XL AND XXL 
• Most shops now sells Stimulant M, L, XL AND XXL 
• When you get a Pure hat you'll also get the info of other hats in Identify Book, this is for Identify Book completion purpose 
• All party members now learns Health Mastery when reaching level 10 or 20, Health Mastery boosts their MAX HP by different amount of %. Except Suan... it learns Magic Mastery and teaches Suan a unique healing skill! 
• Melt ailment now only stays for 5 turns, it was infinite 
• When you fail to use Aquana Teleport Scroll it gives you the right item back


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Sep 25, 2017

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