0.5.5 Grammar Updates and Fixes!

Hello there Time Travellers! I've survived my final exams and have a little time to spare~ 

So this new update fixes the most annoying aspect of my game, grammar errors (well, most of it). I had to check every event, read the dialogues, proofread them and I just noticed that my game has over 40,000 words... My 100 hours+ just gone for this thing :~D Everything should be easy to read now... So let's get into patch details. 


•"Save your game" reminder when entering the Lumberjack Camp 
• Warning icons on early game tutorials. 
• 4 new small maps for the underwater content, this content is still not finished 


•Job & Passive changed to Job & Mastery 
•Jobs & Masteries now have "Job:" and "Mastery:" tag on them 


•Mio's Enhanced Spell I now costs 25 TP (was 35) 
•Mio's Enhanced Spell II now adds 4 spell casts on a turn! Watch your mana! 


•Over 1000 grammar errors fixed~ YAY! 
•Activated the MEGA BOSS event... in the early "bat" dungeon... you know where is it 
•Fixed a bug where the late game monster appears in the Frostbite mountain. 

Also, check out the Shattered Hourglass's Reddit Page and join me! You can always leave feedback there too! 



Shattered Hourglass 0.5.5.exe 238 MB
Jan 08, 2018

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