0.5.1 + 0.5.2 update notes!


• 15 new maps for the post good ending 
• Added about 45+ new music and get rid of 95% of my old music 
• Haunted House now raided by "Zombie X" and that place is no longer safe! (1 new monster) 
• 2 new bosses (one very annoying MEGA boss) 
• 5 armors (4 of them were unobtainable on the previous versions, now you can get them) 
• Pre-postgame for the good ending is now completed, so many new dialogues! 


• You can no longer own a sheep when you don't have the "Sheep" item 
• Music related crash on Frostbite Mountain 
• Player Home's invisible sleeping icon, you know what I'm talking about 
• Pixies are renamed as Fairies, duh!!! 
• Zombiemesh's battler is now smaller for fitting the battle screen... 


• You can no longer do Qual's Side Quest or Recruit Qual when you complete the game (Story wise edit) 
• Boat remote now goes to East Seran Coast 
• All character portraits now facing to right direction (some of them were facing left)


• Cat Eyes and Fish Sharm can be dropped from Gold Slimes 
• White Fur and Sharp Paws from Gold Spider 
• Longbow from Forest Elf 
• Lucky Charm from Rokurokubi 
• Mark from Zombie X 
• Yellow Belt from Thunderjelly 
• Spectral Saber from Solidjelly 


• Pre Post-game content for Bad and Neutral endings 
• Finishing the VERY HARD Underwater content 
• Qual's Village north dungeon 
• A postgame ice dungeon (? it may change) 
• Making a dungeon and an event related to Player House.


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Oct 15, 2017

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