0.6.0: The Underworld Expansion is Out!


• Trin Island has a new NPC, her tips will be very helpful :’)
• 15 new maps to the current underwater content
• 1 new map to the underground Lumberjack Camp~ (This area will get expand on the next patch)
• 2 new maps for the Neutral/Bad end (It’s location just right side of Habon)
• 5 new bosses and 2 monsters (35+ level HIGHLY recommended)
• Leviathan is now part of a side quest
• 3 items, 2 weapons, 2 armours and a new house decoration
• A new achievement for Gamejolt


• Ester no longer learns Draw
• A bug where you can’t go to the underwater map after you finished the pre post-game
• The issues with talking with the King after beating the game


• Skill command column now scales with how many skills you got


• Rainbow belt’s stats are buffed
• Royal Thief Armour now can obtainable for every ending
• Game over and Victory themes are now different
• Changed the sprites of the first boss



• Blizzard Punch, Rock Crush, Quake Crush, Blood Rock Force, Blood Quake Force scales better with ATK
• Wind Punch and Thunder punch now deals 2 times more damage.
• Bandage skill now removes every kind of ailments.
• Wall of Reflection I and II now go first.
• Healing Breeze skills now costs half of what they cost.
• Gaia Heal skills now cost much less.


• Meteor, Crystal Rain and Thunder Storm now deal even more damage.


• Time Paradox now cost 15 TP (was 25)


• Robot Dance now cost 10 TP (was 15)

Also, check out the Shattered Hourglass’s Reddit Page and join me! You can always leave feedback there too!



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Jan 20, 2018

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