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Been playing this game for a week, loving the every aspect of it.

Thank you so much! I hope you'll enjoy the rest of it!

Hello! I played your game on a livestream on my channel to get some first impressions. After around an hour and a half of playing, I can say that I absolutely loved it! I really enjoy the fact that the combat isn't overwhelmingly easy and is actually challenging and fun! The characters seem really interesting from the ones that I've met and I'm looking forward to seeing how their stories play out! I'm definitely going to finish playing this game on my free time. If I had any complaints, I think the grammar and spelling could be a bit better in the dialouge. I understand that english isn't your first language (as mentioned in the opening) but I hope you'll have the time to go back and fix it! Also, I apologize, I didn't adjust my audio levels correctly in the video, so the game sounds a bit loud in the video. But I hope you find it enjoyable regardless! Thanks for making this game avaliable to play! :)

I just watched the entire video and I really appreciate for pointing out my mistakes, I'll fix them as soon as possible. I was literally sweating bullets in the intro... The last time I had a video feedback like this one was probably 2 years ago. I'm glad you enjoyed it even with those errors, also this game have some loot you can get it from shelves and drawers, just like in Dragon Quest (you can even get a mana potion on the intro)  :')

You're welcome! I also want to thank you for playing my game! Have a nice day.